Year of experience in equestrian software


Satisfied users




Year of experience in equestrian software


Satisfied users


”HorseManager provides a user-friendly management system designed for every entrepreneur in the horse industry. HorseManager provides insight, overview and clarity in your company”.

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Stallion owners

Have an overview of the number of coverings of a stallion. Generate sperm tickets, breeding agreements or birth announcements in no-time. Easily keep track of your frozen stock online.

Training stables

Have all your horse and customer data in one place. Be reminded of tasks such as vaccinating and worming or appointments with the veterinarian, farrier or physio. Easily and quickly send digital invoices.

Riding stables

Professionalize your equestrian center. Plan your lessons easily and quickly. Oversee at a glance the workload of the horses at your equestrian center. Have potential class customers request a trial lesson on your website.

Breeding Farms

Build a digital file of the individual horse on your farm. Work with seasonal rates, groups of horses and workflows. Be reminded of important tasks such as vaccinating and worming. Send all your invoices with one click of a button.


Take advantage of the extensive fertility support in HorseManager. Create a treatment plan for horses and let the system remind you of it. The embryo planning screen shows which mares are synchronized with the donor mare’s cycle.

Horse Transportation

Visualize your work stock. Easily create a route map in HorseManager, link with Google Maps. Dynamically plan and make changes in the ride while it is already started. Communicate efficiently with your drivers.

Event Planning

Create events and rubrics. Have participants register digitally. Manage your starting lists easily and process results in no time. Specialized in competitions and auctions.

Breeding Farms

Organize your groups of mares. Easily follow the mares with the built-in mare management workflow. Invoice in no time and let the system remind you of important tasks.

Key features


Push notifications

Be reminded of tasks such as vaccinating and worming your four-legged friend or extending your horse’s FEI passport. Set up your own alerts via the app. Whatever needs to be done HorseManager helps you remember.


Send digital invoices easily and quickly. Don’t forget to invoice activities, by registration in the barn. Connect with your payment provider, send bulk reminders, make a credit note with the push of a button.

Digital file

All your horse data in one place. Build an individual file per horse. Upload photos and videos or upload files such as inspection reports. Send these documents easily and quickly via Horsemanager to external contacts.


Use our general planner. Draw up a training plan, keep track of your event results, book appointments in your calendar. In addition, you have the possibility to make use of an agenda specifically developed for your field of work.

Digital form

Use our various digital forms. For example, you can build your own digital forms in HorseManager or you can use the external forms that you can link to your website.

Publish your data

Share data efficiently and easily with your own website. Use one of our sales pages or publish your stallion on our online sperm sales channel.

Wow, since I use HorseManager it is so easy to keep track of everything by horse. For example: easily create an account. Really very happy with it!!

Jose van Haaren De Mortelhoeve
Jose van Haaren

HorseManager gives me an overview and insight into my company wherever. I find it incredibly easy to use and if I don’t know something I can always call without obligation! So super service!

Joyce Lenaerts Dressuurstal de Beukenvallei
Joyce Lenaerts

HorseManager relieves us through overview via your mobile and signals what we should do at our breeding company.

Piet van den Boogaard Opfokbedrijf van den Boogaard
Piet van den Boogaard

Through HorseManager we have gained a better overview and therefore more peace within the company. HorseManager has become the heart of our company

Marcel Jordan Marcel Jordan transport
Marcel Jordan

How an online management system can save you time and money?

Often we still work with post-its, a whiteboard and paper in stables. Because of this there is often something lost. It’s smart to manage all your company information in one central place. When you do this with our software you stay informed about all activities, health information, training schedules, etc. anywhere and anytime,

Create a digital file for the individual horse on your farm. For example, passport information, photos and videos will be added. Store blood results, inspection reports and other documents. Build a complete health record and be reminded of important tasks such as worming and vaccination.

Drawing up the monthly invoices is a time-consuming task when you have to allocate all expenses manually. We often forget to invoice things. This has a negative impact on your wallet.

With HorseManager you can generate all invoices for the whole month at the push of a button. By registering the various activities in the barn via the app or the dashboard, the system can generate invoices automatically. For example, the subscription system automatically adds perodical recurring expenses such as barn fees, grazing, etc. to the invoice.

Organize your horse husbandry through our digital and mobile platform.

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